Wii Sensor Bar Repair

A lot of people seem to be making it to my blog looking for how to fix a Wii sensor bar wire. I’ll quickly run through the steps to do so. The important part is to burn away the insulation that coats each conductor inside of the cable.

  1. Cut the cable at the point of the break, making a clean cut on each side.
  2. Carefully strip ~3 cm of the outside jacket from each side of the cable.
  3. Remove the paper and expose the two inner wires.
  4. (the important part) The two inner wires are coated with their own insulators. Burn away .5 cm of the insulation with a lighter or match.
  5. (optional) Place a bit of shrink tube on one side of the cable. You’ll need this later to tidy up your fix.
  6. Solder the two wires on each side of the break to each other.
  7. Wrap the soldered points in a bit of electrical tape to prevent a short.
  8. Slide the optional shrink tube over the soldered area and heat with a heat gun or blow dryer.
  9. Done!

Source: http://tsandhol.blogspot.com/2007/07/wii-sensor-bar-repair.html

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